USE OF BLOGS AS EDUCATIONAL MEDIAThe use of blogs in education has also increased sharply, although in general only teachers and instructors are using this media, while few students are active users.
In December 2002 Teresa Ross Embrey; created a guide for librarians on how to use blogs to improve research skills. He defines a blog as an amalgamation of a diary, a website, and an online community

Ross Embrey said that more and more educators are using blogs as a medium to communicate with students and academia. In line with Ross Embrey, Laurel A Clyde believes that there are many advantages to using blogs as a learning medium. A number of schools have used blogs as a source of information for lesson plans, curricula, and other learning materials. Blogs can also serve as social networks for teachers to share any information to improve their professionalism.

In terms of supporting the educational function, blogs have been widely used to advertise library services and link to other libraries so that the information obtained can be richer. For example, at the University of Drexel, librarians use blogs to optimize the functionality of their existing digital libraries.

In Indonesia, the use of blogs as an educational medium is still very limited. There are two conditions that cause this. First, the number of people who have access to the internet is still very small when compared to the total population of Indonesia. Second, for the lower middle class, internet access is still relatively expensive. In educational cities such as Yogyakarta, Surakarta, and Malang the average price of internet access per hour is Rp. 3000,-. Meanwhile, the average daily income of Indonesian people is only Rp. 20,000. As a result, most people use internet access to receive and send email, play games, read news online, and other light entertainment activities. People rarely access the internet to find academic information. With these conditions, blogs can provide an alternative for the public to disseminate and obtain scientific and academic information in an easy, inexpensive, and fun way. Third, especially for students at the SD/MI level, access to computers is still very limited. The number of computers is usually not sufficient to be able to facilitate all students.

List of Players Leaving Manchester United List of Players Leaving Manchester United

List of Players Leaving Manchester United – Currently, many people know Manchester United as a team that has made a lot of winning points, which has been waiting for more than what was previously available and also achieved. A squad revolution seems to be happening at Manchester United in the summer of 2022. The arrival of Erik ten Hag is most likely followed by the signing of new players who match the coach’s tactics.

On the other hand, Manchester United will also release a number of players to other clubs. Some have even confirmed that they will withdraw this summer. They left because the contract expired and was not renewed.

1. Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba is the most expensive player ever signed by Manchester United. The French midfielder was brought in from Juventus in 2016 at a price of 105 million euros or Rp. 1.6 trillion. Even though Pogba is a graduate of the Manchester United academy who was previously released free of charge in 2012.

Six years after returning to England, Pogba has finally returned to leave the Red Devils for free. The offer of a contract extension had actually been given, but Pogba turned it down. Manchester United also seemed to be overwritten by a repeat of the events of 2012 aka 10 years ago.

Pogba himself has often appeared inconsistent during his second period with Manchester United. He sometimes looks great, but often plays badly.

2. Jesse Lingard
This one player is also a graduate of the Manchester United academy. In fact, he is a good friend of Pogba from the academy until now. Jesse Lingard has loyally defended Manchester United since 2011. In fact, if you count the academy years, Lingard has been in the Red Devils costume for more than 20 years.

Unlike Pogba, Lingard has never left Manchester United permanently. However, the opportunity to play is fairly minimal.

He was even loaned several times to other clubs. Until his last season in 2021/2022, Lingard was always the second choice in Manchester United’s midfield.

Now, Lingard seems to have been hot for Manchester United. He also chose to leave after his contract expired in June 2022.

While playing for the Red Devils, Lingard recorded 232 matches in all competitions with a contribution of 35 goals and 21 assists. He has also lifted four trophies, the most prestigious of which is the 2016/2017 Europa League.

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3. Juan Mata
Next, there is Juan Mata, a Spanish midfielder who has defended Manchester United since 2014. At that time, he was brought in from Chelsea in the middle of the 2013/2014 season.

Initially, Mata successfully won the main place in the Red Devils midfield, especially in 2015/2016. He appeared 54 times in all competitions and scored 10 goals and 11 assists.

With age, the role of Mata began to be replaced by other players. However, he actually proved in 2021/2022 that he can still make an impact if given the opportunity.

However, Mata still decided to leave. It is not yet known where the 34-year-old will land.

Finding the Best Sites for Online Poker Providers Finding the Best Sites for Online Poker Providers

Finding the Best Sites for Online Poker Providers – Online poker gambling games are now indeed a type of game that is quite challenging for players. The world of online gambling is a world that has many advantages like a trusted online poker site. Because in the world of online gambling, there are many things that can be obtained. Just like when we register an account on a trusted online poker site and find out online poker tips. By using a trusted site, we will get many facilities and many bonuses will be given.

But of course we as players must also always be aware of any irresponsible actions. Because if this happens it will result in losses for the players themselves. That way, on this occasion, we will discuss how to find a trusted site. To get online poker tips, players must really memorize what the agent should give them.

The first thing we can see is registration on a trusted online poker site. Because it uses very adequate quality, the account registration process will be very fast and secure. Players won’t be asked too wordy things. So that players can benefit from playing quickly, without a long process. Well, besides that, a trusted site will also provide security guarantees for personal data that has been registered on an online site.

So players don’t need to worry and hesitate when entering personal data when registering an account. Because all things regarding the security of player data will always be kept safe. In addition to a safe and fast process of registration. Trusted online gambling sites will also provide a lot of facilities. In contrast to sites that are not responsible. Because irresponsible sites will not provide facilities that make it easier for players. Even to the detriment of the players.

So it is highly recommended to use an online poker site. So the players will always be comfortable. Because there will be many facilities that will be provided. Starting from a fast and friendly 24-hour service. So the players can ask anything about the problems that will be faced. Players will also get a very classy and updated look. So players will not feel bored to play online gambling.

With all the things a trusted online poker site provides. Then it will be very useful for the continuity of the victory of the lottery players. That way the players will get a lot of services and of course there will be a lot of convenience that will be obtained. So, to get all these conveniences, players must use online poker tips.

Understanding the Benefits Provided by Sportsbook Gambling Understanding the Benefits Provided by Sportsbook Gambling

Understanding the Benefits Provided by Sportsbook Gambling – By playing online sportsbook gambling games, players can gain an advantage if they play on the right site. If you want to make the most out of online gambling, you run an online sportsbook that is one of the best opportunities for the smart ones, as long as you know what they are doing. Here are my top online soccer betting site sportsbook tips that will help you play smarter:

Running Your Money Well

You have to focus on making bets that are too small regarding which size your online sportsbook bankroll is. in the long run your profits (if the gambling masters own them) will be felt, and by choosing only a certain amount of money on all bets, you can ensure that a short streak of good offline results will certainly not stop you from winning.

Understanding Online Football Gambling Matches

One thing you will quickly realize if you look at books by different online bodies is sure that the odds are different in each agency. Most online livescore soccer betting sites make their own odds, the point is that there are usually several bookmakers offering potential bets on the point you want to bet on. You will earn points on basketball pick spreads or feel +150 instead of +140 on football matches.

Anytime you choose to make a bet on that sportsbook with odds at less than right, you’re at your own expense and that’s just sportsbook info be careful. Each of these bets may cost only a few sets on a 1-time selection, but while not long, observing the best odds can be the difference between being introduced up front and behind.

Don’t have multiple accounts

As an example I mentioned earlier, different online sportsbook betting gives different odds in many games. Accordingly, most of the tough sports bettors will have at least two (and ideally three) sports betting accounts. each of those accounts should be in a place that offers a set level independently of the others, so you often get a good variety of articles.

Know Jackpot Tricks at Official Togel Agents Know Jackpot Tricks at Official Togel Agents

Know Jackpot Tricks at Official Togel Agents – Choosing numbers to install, you really have to do at a city that already has an official license. Winning is something you can’t do easily. It takes a variety of strategies to preparation to win this game. You should also apply this in a game known as this gambling.

Game rules

Understanding the rules in the game is the right thing. There are many general to specific rules that you will usually find. However, you often skip this section because you are lazy to read the rules that you think will be the same. At this time, for those of you who want to win, we encourage you to read the existing rules. Read each point one by one carefully.

Thus, you can realize if there are regulations in online lottery pairs that are different from other sites. This difference in rules will help you get a win if known well. This is because all of you can avoid things that are prohibited and play the game smoothly. This smoothness will later bring you victory.

Choose a mastered game

In the casinos you usually find, seeing the number of games you can play is very common. So because of that, it becomes very natural that you can find a lot of games. Especially in the site you currently choose. For that, we recommend that you choose the game that is most mastered when you want to win this game. Doing this is one very precise trick.

Because, in online lottery pairs, choosing a game that you understand well will make you find it easy. All the way the game you can guess and run easily. In fact, when faced with uncertain conditions, you can find a way out. This happens considering you really understand this game. Therefore, make sure to choose the game that you have mastered is the right thing.

Use sufficient capital

Assets are the part that will be affected when you play this betting identical game. Whether you win or lose, you will find your assets change. Therefore, to prevent a significant decline, it is right for you to spend enough capital.

It’s true, as you say when doing this. Then the loss will be yours if you win the game. However, if you lose, you should know that the losses have been minimized. In addition, the most important thing is that your opportunity to play in online lottery pairs does not end there.

Factors that Determine Winning Online Sportsbook Gambling Factors that Determine Winning Online Sportsbook Gambling

Factors that Determine Winning Online Sportsbook Gambling – The various actions you choose to play online sportsbook gambling can be a determinant of victory when placing bets. Winning is one of the main goals that many people hope to play, online soccer gambling. They aim to win and win to get the easiest way. But sometimes many of them do not know what factors are really the decisive victory in the game. Of course there are many factors that influence this. Maybe many of you already know, but many of you don’t know when they are beginners. Therefore, before we start focusing on playing, you should first try to determine what it means.

Determined To Win Soccer Gambling Money?

So far, maybe most people think that winning in gambling is determined by luck. It’s true, but it’s not just luck that you can win Football bets in a determined game. But there are many other factors that are determined to win you should know all of us, to find out. You must know and really understand that winning is influenced by several main factors, and not just necessary. You will be required to learn some skills for the game to dominate and win, so that you make it easier.

This is the Fourth Factor of Football Betting Win

For those of you who are not familiar and don’t know what victory affects soccer betting, it is important to know some of the determining factors for victory. In online soccer gambling games, we don’t have to just know very well that winning is to gain, especially if we rely solely on luck and guesswork. Betting is not just going to guess, but there is another process that is important and has to be done. Some of the important factors in question are as follows:

Select a trusted soccer agent

This is related to the first election which became the winning factor. You must choose a trusted gambling agent. If the agent is a scam, how many times you win, you will not get paid. Such things should be avoided.

Team selection

to compete for team selection is also important to pay special attention. You have to find the team that only you can get, or predict the team carefully. A two-team game should be well analyzed.

Game analysis

What is important is the process for analyzing the game. Before this game is played, or when this game is played, analysis is of course very important and absolutely necessary. you that analysis can and should be a determining factor for your happiness.

weather forecast

Prediction is also an important factor to bring luck and victory. If you don’t make predictions, you will have a hard time getting a win. Prediction is not only guessing the score, but also thorough analysis is very necessary that you can predict precisely and produce.

The Popularity of Online Slot Gambling Due to Various Reasons The Popularity of Online Slot Gambling Due to Various Reasons

The Popularity of Online Slot Gambling Due to Various Reasons – The increasing popularity of online slot gambling games has indeed made this game the most popular type of gambling. Gambling in the past and now is really not that different, but today’s gambling games are no longer played in gambling venues but via cellphones or computers. However, the steps for playing are almost the same as usual gambling games and the terms of play are the same.

However, for now conservative gambling games are not very much sought after. Nowadays more and more people choose gambling games that are done online. because according to them playing online is more profitable than playing at conservative gambling sites. Every year online gambling fans are increasing. This is because there are many triggers as a plus for online gambling, and that is why some people tend to choose this game.

Easy To Play

The first fact that makes online slot gambling games more popular than conservative gambling games is the ease of playing. No need to spend a lot of money and time to play online gambling games. Just use a cellphone and a computer or netbook and internet access of course, you can play all the games on the site as you like whenever and wherever you want.

Without having to go to a gambling place, of course it will save costs, than you use it for the cost of going to a gambling place, you better use it to add your gambling capital. By using it as capital, you will increase the opportunity to get more and more money back.

It’s really an advantage, isn’t it? With your cellphone and network, you can play and get multiple benefits. If you don’t want to waste your package, try going to a location that has free wifi, using wifi will actually save the online slot costs you spend.

Very Affordable Playing Capital

If people explain how to play gambling, you have to spend a lot of capital, but that’s only what you will experience in conservative gambling games. This is a fact where conservative gambling is increasingly being left behind. Because since there are online gambling games, the cost or capital that flows out also tends to be less than conservative gambling. You don’t have to have a lot of money first to play gambling.

In online gambling with slot online, only a few tens of thousands can play bets. What’s more, there are sites that provide bets with only 10 thousand. Of course it’s really affordable, so you beginners who have a minimal budget are still playing, you don’t have to wait until you have a lot of capital.

With the advantages of this online gambling website, everyone can place bets and try their luck to get bigger profits. Everyone is free to play and get the opportunity of money many times over.

Choice of Diverse and Interesting Online Slot Games

As a magnet for people to play online slot gambling is because there are many interesting and varied games. When you are new to the site you can get the opportunity to play several dozen different games. When you want to exchange games on the site, you don’t need to change accounts, only with 1 account you can play all of them without any restrictions.

Of course this is different from playing conservative gambling which only has a few games and is limited. What’s more, the place to play is also really limited, which if we want to play we have to wait for other players to finish. If you play online gambling games, you don’t have to worry about playing them, because the tricks are the same as the games you usually play.

Online slot gambling games are made to look like conservative gambling games, which will make you feel even more like playing real slot gambling. This game is certainly really a distraction for you and the benefits that you can easily get because there are many types of games that can be played.

Check Out Tricks That Are Easy to Win Online Slot Gambling Check Out Tricks That Are Easy to Win Online Slot Gambling

Check Out Tricks That Are Easy to Win Online Slot Gambling – Online gambling slots are indeed one of the types of online gambling games that you can win with nominal profits. If you decide you want to play online slots. Then you also have to know how to play easy online slots. Because if you don’t know how to play, then your money will definitely be wasted. Things like this of course harm you, not for a gambler or for those of you who are really getting into playing online slots for the first time.

And it’s also worth noting that a lot of people just want to play at online slots. Because they are very happy with the graphics and also the pictures that are displayed. But they do not know for sure how to play correctly. So that you avoid a very big loss. So on this occasion we will provide a guide. That way, you will be more comfortable playing it. So you must understand and know it.

Find a Good Machine

The first way to play online slots is that you must look for or also find a good slot machine. Maybe for those of you who are the first to judge all these machines are the same. But you need to know that each machine is different. Where some can give you an advantage and some don’t at all. For that before you play, then you have to make sure to get a really good online demo slot  machine.

Because if you’ve got the right machine. Then this can help you to get a very large jackpot. This is what many gamblers, both beginners and professionals alike, are looking forward to. Because if you get the jackpot, of course you will get additional income. If necessary you have to find a machine which is really rarely played. Usually sometimes it can give you luck.

Press Spin Button

Of course in a game there will be so many ways to help you win. Some are easy and some are hard. That’s when you decide to play gambling, especially online slots and you will definitely wonder how to play online slots in order to get a much bigger win?

The trick is that you can press the spin button. And you should know that the spin button is not arbitrary. Because if you press at the right moment and good. Then you have a chance to hit the jackpot. It’s true that not everyone can get it, but if you have other tricks, of course it can happen as you want. It is noted that  of those who have succeeded in doing it are very interested in doing it again.

Check Slot Machines

The next way to play online slots is that you have to check the slot machine. It sounds very strange, because you are a gambler who only knows how to play. Instead asked to check it. But you should know that if you check well, then the machine can pay your money if you win. Meanwhile, if you win and the machine does not work properly, then you will feel annoyed and emotions will definitely come out.

Various Attractive Sportsbook Bonuses Provided by the Site Various Attractive Sportsbook Bonuses Provided by the Site

Various Attractive Sportsbook Bonuses Provided by the Site – You can indeed find a variety of bonuses by visiting various online sportsbook gambling provider sites. The most phenomenal betting bonus is the biggest dream for all bettors. They certainly don’t want to play without getting anything in the soccer betting event. However, the best gambling sites that always present these bonuses are official and trusted soccer betting sites. Thousands of members who join will definitely want to create abundant profits.

Official soccer betting sites have become popular among both professional and novice bettors. They take advantage of each other in order to be able to prove their quality as a reliable player. Of course, their games will always be promised a big bonus if they always play bets wisely and conceptually. Because this has become the main provision of the site.

The variety of bonuses that are now available on the official judi bola Gambling Site seems to be a breath of fresh air for a number of bettors. Because they can increase the intensity of their game every day. This is because of the types of bonuses that are full of sensations, such as the following review.

1. Deposit

Each member is required to make a deposit process as a provision for the first bet. Usually this bonus often provides a fairly large percentage for players. Until now the bonus value is still rotating at 5 to 10%. It is possible that there will be an increase in the percentage over time.

2. Referrals

Referral bonuses can be obtained without having to process real money bets. All players can easily get this advantage by inviting friends to place bets on the same site. The amount of this prize is very relative for new members. The more they invite friends, of course, the more benefits they will get.

3. Turnover

Prizes in the form of turnover are very often obtained by several groups. According to the provisions, this prize must be placed 5X bets or depending on the applicable conditions. Not only that, the bonus is often associated with Cashback. Where all people will get the bonus if they lose every week. On the one hand, these prizes are also useful as a condition for getting weekly bonuses.

With the presence of various types of bonuses on official and trusted soccer gambling sites, all new members are definitely interested and want to immediately play soccer gambling. Hopefully this review can provide great benefits for beginner bettors.