September 2021

List of Overseas Universities with Indonesian Language Subjects – A university abroad certainly has a lot of very international courses. But what’s wrong if there are several universities that have Indonesian language courses? Here is the list

1. University Social Science and Humanities, Vietnam
Since the Vietnamese government has established Indonesian as the second official language that can be used by its citizens, several universities in Vietnam have opened Indonesian language studies for their students. One of them is the University Social Science and Humanities which is sheltered by Vietnam National University.

Students who take part in the study will be taught to read and write according to the rules of the Indonesian language through speaking and listening activities. The themes taught are varied, ranging from social, cultural, environmental, and Indonesian society.

University Social Science and Humanities

2. Tokyo University for Foreign Studies, Japan
This university, commonly called TUFS, is the oldest university in Japan that focuses on researching languages ​​and international issues with a high level of competition. The campus has 26 departments of language studies grouped into 7 majors. The Indonesian Language Department is in the Southeast Asian Studies department.

There, students who take Indonesian classes will learn theoretically and practically how to read, write, and speak Indonesian. In addition, students are also introduced to the history, economy, and culture of Indonesia.

TUFS also has student exchange relationships with several universities in Indonesia, you know! The universities are Gadjah Mada University and the University of Indonesia. The hope is that Japanese students who take Indonesian classes can gain broader and deeper knowledge about the Indonesian language.

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3. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), South Korea
Another prestigious overseas university that also has a major in Indonesian is Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, located in Seoul, South Korea. HUFS is considered the best private university in South Korea in the field of social sciences and languages.

Unmitigated, you can find Indonesian language studies in two different departments, namely the Department of Malay-Indonesian at the College of Asian Languages ​​& Cultures and the Department of Malay-Indonesian Interpretation and Translation at the College of Interpretation and Translation.

These two departments also offer learning related to literacy, writing and speaking competence in Indonesian with discussions related to history, culture, social and politics in Indonesia. Interested in learning Indonesian at this prestigious South Korean campus?

4. Mohammed V University, Morocco
Indonesian language classes can also be found in all study programs at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Mohammed V University, Morocco. Amazingly, the faculty brought in lecturers directly from Indonesia, you know!

The weight of the Indonesian language course is 4 credits with 4 meetings in one week which is programmed every semester. The reason behind the availability of Indonesian language classes on campus is a form of the Indonesian Embassy’s efforts to promote the Indonesian language in Morocco and efforts to improve cooperative relations between the two countries, especially in the field of education.

Types of Educational Games for Children – Basically, children need an education to be able to make them learn without having to feel forced

1. Jump rope

When children play jump rope with their friends, they will learn to be patient while waiting their turn and hang out with children their age. Every jump he does, requires coordination between the footwork and the eyes of the little one. Thus, this game will encourage gross motor development and problem solving.

Types of Educational Games for Children

2. Card and board games

Card and board games such as chess can be an option for you to give your little one. Because, this type of game can teach children about waiting their turn, strategizing, negotiating rules, to how to be fair.
You can also help them manage their emotions when they lose this game. In a game that is classified as heavy like this, it is not uncommon for children to feel very upset when they lose.

3. Musical instruments

If you see your little one likes to sing, maybe providing a game activity with a musical instrument can be another option. Yes Moms, by learning to play musical instruments, such as piano, violin, guitar and others, you can improve your child’s hearing and fine motor skills. In addition, children will also learn about attention skills, so they can focus more when studying.

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4. Science toys

Generally, children at the age of 7 years are having fun imagining in their games. For example, when playing robots, they will imagine attacking the enemy by crashing one robot with another. Well, Moms, you can also help develop your little one’s imagination by providing science games, such as binoculars or a telescope that can teach discovery and problem solving. Author: Hutri Dirga Harmonis

Facts on Using the System in Playing Online Slot Gambling – Playing slot machines online has become increasingly popular, as online casinos have grown in popularity.

This growth in online gaming has seen an increasing number of players looking for an easy way to hit the million jackpot and become one of the few successful high rollers in online slots. Many are tempted to buy online slot systems that claim to make buyers big profits on a regular basis. However, the reality of online slot machine systems is that the claims don’t live up to the hype. Slot machines are still games of chance, and just like roulette and craps, no system can guarantee you a regular jackpot. Do not buy online joker88 slot machine systems. Read on and find out why!

Facts on Using the System in Playing Online Slot Gambling

Fact: You Can’t Apply the System to Online Slots to Generate Regular Income

There is no way to get a guaranteed profit from a mathematically disadvantageous game, and online slot machines are such a game. In math, you know exactly what’s going to happen. The game of chance is the opposite. You never know what will happen next. If you do, then of course, it’s not a game of chance. Online slots are games of chance, so the mathematical system cannot be applied. Period.

Online Slots Work With Mathematical Formulas!

The winning combinations generated by online slot machines are generated by the Random Number Generator (RNG). In online slot machines, the RNG is not truly random, as it is the result of a mathematical process. If you know the formula used in any online casino slot machine and the value of the last random number generated, you will be able to calculate the next random number to be generated, but of course you cannot. Why? The reason is the speed with which the RNG calculates the winning combinations. An RNG is actually a series of code written into game chip software. It generates numbers and does so very quickly. In fact, at least 100 numbers every second can be generated. In online casino slot machines, each of these numbers corresponds to the outcome on the reels. This effect for the player is a random selection of a number field that will determine the outcome of the game.

Why You Can’t Beat Online Casino Slot Machines

RNG online slot machines generate random number generation from the number field in the program, at least every hundredth of a second. RNG always returns numbers even when idle. Even if the online slot machine programmer knows the sequence of numbers generated, the next time he calculates what the next number will be, the machine will move, as we all know all computers can crack numbers faster than anyone. . While not completely random by the nature of its programming, a programmer even if he knew the sequence would not be able to follow the machine, so what chances would a player have?

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Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning – The pandemic brings us into difficult times. In a situation that is still bad like this, most schools have not allowed students to return to teaching and learning at school. During the pandemic, children are asked to study online. Online learning like this can be said is a new way of learning applied in the world of education. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of online school or online learning

1.Shorter study time
By easily accessing learning materials or following face-to-face videos, students have a faster time to study, especially when studying only at home, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time going to campus or school as usual. In addition, students no longer need to wait for a teacher who sometimes comes “drowsy” so that a lot of time is wasted.

2. Indonesian education is more advanced
With a learning system like this, at least Indonesian education is more advanced, although a little. One of the advancements is that Indonesian education has been able to take advantage of existing technology and how to learn education in Indonesia is more varied with online learning.

3.Students can develop themselves
Online learning that does not take much time can allow students to develop themselves in other things, such as reading, writing or drawing. That way, students don’t just study, or seek knowledge, but can develop their talents and potential.

The following are the disadvantages of the online learning system:

1) Tasks piled up
Even though they study at home, the students cannot live in peace, because they have to face the tasks given by the teacher. Time at home is spent doing piled up tasks. The teachers give assignments so that students can still get grades, and learning materials.

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2) Consumes a lot of internet data/quota
Students who usually buy internet packages once a month can now buy internet packages two to three times a month. In addition, those who use wi-fi also have an effect, because the predetermined internet limit experiences excessive use plus sometimes wi-fi has problems, whether from the company or other things.

3) Learning material is difficult to get
Online learning systems are indeed more time-saving, but online learning is not necessarily more effective in receiving learning materials for students. Many complain that online learning only provides piles of tasks, which adds to the stress of students while at home.

In addition, conditions in the home that are conducive may or may not make a person accept the lesson. If it is conducive, it may be easier to accept learning, but if the house is not conducive, students will have difficulty accepting lessons.

4) Difficult debates
If at school or on campus something is difficult to understand or there is a difference of opinion it may be easier to discuss, but in terms of online learning it will be difficult.

Why? Because in this way of learning if one person speaks, there is a possibility that the other will speak and the teacher is difficult to control the situation when many are talking, in other words the voices in the video meeting overlap each other.

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How to Overcome Difficulties Studying at Home – The pandemic makes everything that is done outside the home, all at home. Not only work, children who go to school also have to learn from home. Teaching and learning activities are carried out online, making many children find it difficult to learn. The impact that is often received by students is that the learning material does not arrive correctly. Here is an easy way to overcome the difficulties of studying at home

1. Stay Focused When Learning Online
The first tip in overcoming online learning difficulties is to stay focused while studying online. Even though it’s difficult, you have to force yourself to stay focused by doing things like drinking water often, and studying in a comfortable place. Also make sure you pay attention to any material given by the teacher or lecturer.

2. Active While Learning
To avoid difficulties while studying online, you must stay active while studying. You can actively ask and answer the teacher’s questions so that you can absorb the information provided. This will also help you to be more focused and serious in learning. In addition to asking and answering questions, you can also be more active in recording any material that you feel is important to remember.

3. Arrange Study Schedule as Best As Possible
Sometimes what makes it difficult to study at home is because of an erratic schedule. Even though you have an uncertain study schedule, you still have to determine the best study schedule as possible. This can be a step so that you are more serious in learning, so that all the material given by the teacher can be absorbed properly as well.

4. Don’t Play Cellphone While Studying
It is undeniable that online learning is very boring, but even so, you should not play on your cellphone while studying. If you often play smartphone while studying, it will break your concentration. Therefore, make sure to turn off your cellphone notifications so that the learning process is not interrupted.

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5. Learn From Videos
In addition to experiencing the negative effects of studying at home, online learning has many benefits. One of them is learning media that can be done anywhere. If you can’t absorb the material during a video conference, then you should learn through other media such as videos that can be accessed on YouTube or other platforms that provide reliable learning materials. Of course this is very easy for you to be able to absorb the material better.

6. Take Practical Notes
Making practical notes is really needed even if you don’t study online. However, this practical note is needed at this time, because by learning online students will rarely take notes. Because of the lack of notes, this is what causes science to not be well absorbed. So to avoid this, you have to make a small note to record all the material that you feel is important.

7. Ensure a Conducive Study Place
One of the reasons that make it difficult for you to study at home is because your study space is not conducive. Therefore, make sure you attend class in a conducive, comfortable, and quiet place. Being in a comfortable place will make you more focused in attending class. In addition, you also have to sit in a comfortable chair so you don’t get sore while studying.