How to Overcome Difficulties Studying at Home


How to Overcome Difficulties Studying at Home – The pandemic makes everything that is done outside the home, all at home. Not only work, children who go to school also have to learn from home. Teaching and learning activities are carried out online, making many children find it difficult to learn. The impact that is often received by students is that the learning material does not arrive correctly. Here is an easy way to overcome the difficulties of studying at home

1. Stay Focused When Learning Online
The first tip in overcoming online learning difficulties is to stay focused while studying online. Even though it’s difficult, you have to force yourself to stay focused by doing things like drinking water often, and studying in a comfortable place. Also make sure you pay attention to any material given by the teacher or lecturer.

2. Active While Learning
To avoid difficulties while studying online, you must stay active while studying. You can actively ask and answer the teacher’s questions so that you can absorb the information provided. This will also help you to be more focused and serious in learning. In addition to asking and answering questions, you can also be more active in recording any material that you feel is important to remember.

3. Arrange Study Schedule as Best As Possible
Sometimes what makes it difficult to study at home is because of an erratic schedule. Even though you have an uncertain study schedule, you still have to determine the best study schedule as possible. This can be a step so that you are more serious in learning, so that all the material given by the teacher can be absorbed properly as well.

4. Don’t Play Cellphone While Studying
It is undeniable that online learning is very boring, but even so, you should not play on your cellphone while studying. If you often play smartphone while studying, it will break your concentration. Therefore, make sure to turn off your cellphone notifications so that the learning process is not interrupted.

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5. Learn From Videos
In addition to experiencing the negative effects of studying at home, online learning has many benefits. One of them is learning media that can be done anywhere. If you can’t absorb the material during a video conference, then you should learn through other media such as videos that can be accessed on YouTube or other platforms that provide reliable learning materials. Of course this is very easy for you to be able to absorb the material better.

6. Take Practical Notes
Making practical notes is really needed even if you don’t study online. However, this practical note is needed at this time, because by learning online students will rarely take notes. Because of the lack of notes, this is what causes science to not be well absorbed. So to avoid this, you have to make a small note to record all the material that you feel is important.

7. Ensure a Conducive Study Place
One of the reasons that make it difficult for you to study at home is because your study space is not conducive. Therefore, make sure you attend class in a conducive, comfortable, and quiet place. Being in a comfortable place will make you more focused in attending class. In addition, you also have to sit in a comfortable chair so you don’t get sore while studying.