Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning


Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning – The pandemic brings us into difficult times. In a situation that is still bad like this, most schools have not allowed students to return to teaching and learning at school. During the pandemic, children are asked to study online. Online learning like this can be said is a new way of learning applied in the world of education. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of online school or online learning

1.Shorter study time
By easily accessing learning materials or following face-to-face videos, students have a faster time to study, especially when studying only at home, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time going to campus or school as usual. In addition, students no longer need to wait for a teacher who sometimes comes “drowsy” so that a lot of time is wasted.

2. Indonesian education is more advanced
With a learning system like this, at least Indonesian education is more advanced, although a little. One of the advancements is that Indonesian education has been able to take advantage of existing technology and how to learn education in Indonesia is more varied with online learning.

3.Students can develop themselves
Online learning that does not take much time can allow students to develop themselves in other things, such as reading, writing or drawing. That way, students don’t just study, or seek knowledge, but can develop their talents and potential.

The following are the disadvantages of the online learning system:

1) Tasks piled up
Even though they study at home, the students cannot live in peace, because they have to face the tasks given by the teacher. Time at home is spent doing piled up tasks. The teachers give assignments so that students can still get grades, and learning materials.

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2) Consumes a lot of internet data/quota
Students who usually buy internet packages once a month can now buy internet packages two to three times a month. In addition, those who use wi-fi also have an effect, because the predetermined internet limit experiences excessive use plus sometimes wi-fi has problems, whether from the company or other things.

3) Learning material is difficult to get
Online learning systems are indeed more time-saving, but online learning is not necessarily more effective in receiving learning materials for students. Many complain that online learning only provides piles of tasks, which adds to the stress of students while at home.

In addition, conditions in the home that are conducive may or may not make a person accept the lesson. If it is conducive, it may be easier to accept learning, but if the house is not conducive, students will have difficulty accepting lessons.

4) Difficult debates
If at school or on campus something is difficult to understand or there is a difference of opinion it may be easier to discuss, but in terms of online learning it will be difficult.

Why? Because in this way of learning if one person speaks, there is a possibility that the other will speak and the teacher is difficult to control the situation when many are talking, in other words the voices in the video meeting overlap each other.