3 year old educational game

Types of Educational Games for Children – Basically, children need an education to be able to make them learn without having to feel forced

1. Jump rope

When children play jump rope with their friends, they will learn to be patient while waiting their turn and hang out with children their age. Every jump he does, requires coordination between the footwork and the eyes of the little one. Thus, this game will encourage gross motor development and problem solving.

Types of Educational Games for Children

2. Card and board games

Card and board games such as chess can be an option for you to give your little one. Because, this type of game can teach children about waiting their turn, strategizing, negotiating rules, to how to be fair.
You can also help them manage their emotions when they lose this game. In a game that is classified as heavy like this, it is not uncommon for children to feel very upset when they lose.

3. Musical instruments

If you see your little one likes to sing, maybe providing a game activity with a musical instrument can be another option. Yes Moms, by learning to play musical instruments, such as piano, violin, guitar and others, you can improve your child’s hearing and fine motor skills. In addition, children will also learn about attention skills, so they can focus more when studying.

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4. Science toys

Generally, children at the age of 7 years are having fun imagining in their games. For example, when playing robots, they will imagine attacking the enemy by crashing one robot with another. Well, Moms, you can also help develop your little one’s imagination by providing science games, such as binoculars or a telescope that can teach discovery and problem solving. Author: Hutri Dirga Harmonis