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List of Overseas Universities with Indonesian Language Subjects – A university abroad certainly has a lot of very international courses. But what’s wrong if there are several universities that have Indonesian language courses? Here is the list

1. University Social Science and Humanities, Vietnam
Since the Vietnamese government has established Indonesian as the second official language that can be used by its citizens, several universities in Vietnam have opened Indonesian language studies for their students. One of them is the University Social Science and Humanities which is sheltered by Vietnam National University.

Students who take part in the study will be taught to read and write according to the rules of the Indonesian language through speaking and listening activities. The themes taught are varied, ranging from social, cultural, environmental, and Indonesian society.

University Social Science and Humanities

2. Tokyo University for Foreign Studies, Japan
This university, commonly called TUFS, is the oldest university in Japan that focuses on researching languages ​​and international issues with a high level of competition. The campus has 26 departments of language studies grouped into 7 majors. The Indonesian Language Department is in the Southeast Asian Studies department.

There, students who take Indonesian classes will learn theoretically and practically how to read, write, and speak Indonesian. In addition, students are also introduced to the history, economy, and culture of Indonesia.

TUFS also has student exchange relationships with several universities in Indonesia, you know! The universities are Gadjah Mada University and the University of Indonesia. The hope is that Japanese students who take Indonesian classes can gain broader and deeper knowledge about the Indonesian language.

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3. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), South Korea
Another prestigious overseas university that also has a major in Indonesian is Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, located in Seoul, South Korea. HUFS is considered the best private university in South Korea in the field of social sciences and languages.

Unmitigated, you can find Indonesian language studies in two different departments, namely the Department of Malay-Indonesian at the College of Asian Languages ​​& Cultures and the Department of Malay-Indonesian Interpretation and Translation at the College of Interpretation and Translation.

These two departments also offer learning related to literacy, writing and speaking competence in Indonesian with discussions related to history, culture, social and politics in Indonesia. Interested in learning Indonesian at this prestigious South Korean campus?

4. Mohammed V University, Morocco
Indonesian language classes can also be found in all study programs at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Mohammed V University, Morocco. Amazingly, the faculty brought in lecturers directly from Indonesia, you know!

The weight of the Indonesian language course is 4 credits with 4 meetings in one week which is programmed every semester. The reason behind the availability of Indonesian language classes on campus is a form of the Indonesian Embassy’s efforts to promote the Indonesian language in Morocco and efforts to improve cooperative relations between the two countries, especially in the field of education.